I can normally fix it by hitting both reset buttons bottom of mouse and base station. About two years ago Logitech launched the amazing MX mouse. I guess I’ll return it for another one. All I was really looking for was a rechargeable battery. The battery has been slowly draining and the mouse no longer charges in the dock. Was a great piece of equipment until now.

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Try applying a few pieces of tape. Logitech customer support was unhelpful and theironly suggestion was to uninstall all of the Logitech software on my PC. Kx1000 from that no other problems.

Logitech Mx1000 Wireless Laser Cordless Mouse USB – M-rag97

You have to ask yourself the question “is this a mouse, or a fancy desktop ornament? First of all it’s normal to have a certain percentage of mice that are defective in a product line so it’s possible to have a dud. I purchased my MX a few days ago, it has the following issues, all are common and persistent according to this forum crdless many others online: I tried bypassing corxless KVM switch, but still had problems trying to get any of these buttons to do anything useful.

I loved it dearly until about 2 weeks ago when the left mouse button quit qorking properly.

As a gamer, it is quite the drag to find your self not being able to control your mouse, or worse yet, the mouse controlling you, eg: Also one of the gaming mousepads I own that cause my mx to skip works flawlessly with mx On the mac side it’s equally worthless. Some people report this mouse cordleds behaves strange.


Logitech Mx Wireless Laser Cordless Mouse USB – M-rag97 | eBay

I never had any problems with it, apart from some teething problems, cordlfss I have those sort of problems with everything technological, cos I have bad luck. Can some one help by telling me the max range of the receiver? But, for there is a but, recently, a few days ago, it stopped charging on the base.

I used mousw KVM switch, and each time i switched between my mac and PC, the mouse drivers would go stupid. Yeah, this mouse is pretty sweet. For example i can set Audigy 2 sound card to the lowest quality and prove that ingrated card sounds better. I can normally fix it by hitting both reset buttons bottom of mouse and base station.

We have a boardroom environment. The PS2 port has been perfectly reliable, albeit a bit clumsy with the extra dongle.

I took the button apart and cleaned it and bent the contact for more positive click and it’s been fine since.

It stops responding until you move the receiver around. Bandersnatch is here to cap a twisted I also learned lesson- always read reviews before buying a product. It would move suddenly all over, button clicks would get “stuck” and you’d drag instead of click, and the only way to fix it temporarily is to press the sync button on the base. I cordles I’ll return it for another one.


Finally ended up “cleaning” the little hole where the laser sensor is with a dry cloth and voila: Lets take a look at how this technology works: Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. Initially they had promised 4 dayz and they had no repentence on their words.

Logitech MX Laser Cordless Mouse review: Logitech MX Laser Cordless Mouse – CNET

The precision of the sensor lets me turn the sensitivity all the way up on games, just how I like it. Logitech must go back to the drawing board, and this time ask the question “what is the sole purpose of a mouse?

Cordpess I had one customer buy a second one for her laptop!

It worked great for a long time, but like others I’ve had problems lately.