Then, you may see the 0 number appear. Is this article up to date? Songs can only be downloaded from a PC or Mac, and not directly from the iTunes shop over the air, however. In Moscow we squeezed around 3 days out of the handset when we subjected it to some light usage an hour of calls, a couple of messages. For the application, see iTunes. At first glance, it’s easy to see where the indifference comes from – make no mistake, the ROKR may be marketed as a music phone, but it’s very much a phone that includes Apple’s iTunes software, rather than an iTunes device with phone capabilities. There’s a set of stereo loudspeakers on the sides which are admittedly better than most others we’ve heard, and they’re fine for giving a friend a blast of your latest fave track, or perhaps more to the point, for showing off your latest ringtone.

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That’s Part II, the not-so-painful part. Help answer questions Learn more. Push the switch downwards towards the off sign.

Motorola ROKR E1 | TechRadar

The E2 was released in January Rokr models were released starting in September and continuing into While it is protected by a plastic flap, it is not linked to the casing, which means you can remove it as soon as you take the phone out of the box and forget about it since it has no real use. Then you might notice the upper left corner, an icon with the arrow pointing upwards might appear.


For all its limitations, the ROKR is actually very easy, and even fun, to use. Motorola says the ROKR is merely the first in a line of iTunes-packing products – and we expect that Motorola’s next iTunes mobile could be appearing in a more cutting-edge guise shortly.

So the natural question everyone already has in mind is how this handset is positioned, and what products it competes with? Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. All in all it is quite handy, although not always very intuitive. The handset records video at a resolution of x, with the duration of a video clip limited only by the amount of memory available. Trust me when you turn on, the phone is laggy and you couldn’t type well.

The Z6 supports the following audio formats: And if that MB capacity is good enough for an iPod Shuffle Regrettably Motorola no longer shapes the market, and instead only tries to follow the latest and greatest trends, but without much spirit.

You can also page through any list found in the E8 with this wheel, or browse photos in the gallery. Motorlla to 23 days.

That’s the bitter truth and it is hard to escape from it. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources.

By rkr iRadioFM radio programs can also be downloaded into the phone through internet, letting users listen to the radio at any time.


After all the virtual drum-rolling beforehand, with internet speculation and mock-ups of what it might look like, the eventual unveiling of the ‘iTunes phone’ turned out to be less of a sensation than some had expected. The complete Motorola Rokr E8 list of specifications are: Motorola Phones Print Edit Ror fan mail to authors.

Views Read Edit View history. The handset boasts catchy looks: Thank you for your feedback!

Motorola ROKR E6 as bluetooth modem in Ubuntu 7.04

The EMg was released in January The display can accommodate up to 10 text and 3 service lines. The E8 weights grams, which is par for the course for this type of phone. Do not scratch the front screen.

Plugging it into a PC via the supplied USB cable it linked effortlessly with iTunes and selected a batch of tunes at random just like the iPod Shuffle, via the onscreen Autofill button. Then, you should be able to rkr everything on your screen. Cellular was the first carrier to release the Rokr Z6m on October 14, alongside their Napster-to-Go service’s launch. The handset comes with a 2 Mpix flash-less camera module.