Find out where to buy your equipment with our Retailer Guide. This review appeared in the January issue of Sky at Night Magazine. The first reason is that the electron count for a pixel is a function of the number of photons that strike it plus the number of electrons due to “thermal noise” or dark current. Nevertheless, we were impressed by the breadth and depth of programs provided in the AutoStar Suite, which is even more remarkable when you consider the low cost of this product. In one generation, technology available to talented amateurs has done a giant leap! In an ideal CCD camera, each pixel would give a brightness level of 0 when there is no light, and a value increasing perfectly linearly with increasing light until it became saturated.

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Therefore many amateurs get support from an auto-guide CCD. But all these aspects affect the size of the image, the download time and processing as well as the disk space need to save this file.

With your mouse, you draw a box around your target to select it on screen, hit the start button and the camera control software does its stuff. That means that you need to take a dark frame at each ambient temperature level each time you use it.

This data is also recorded against dark frames whenever they are generated. In one generation, technology available to talented amateurs has done a giant leap! Since that time, the technology has quickly progressed. Envisage is a clever program geared towards getting you the best image possible. Accuracy of the driving system.

Meade Deep Sky Imager Pro II Monochrome CCD Camera

In addition, the reponse of every pixel would be identical. Find out where to buy your equipment with our Retailer Guide. So let’s describe clearly the problems that you can encounter in using a CCD camera and methods to avoid them or to reduce their effects.


At last, cheaper, one can also use a cryo-cooler with a mechanical pump. Stargazing breaks in the UK. It is a technical term borrowed to physics qualifying the profile of a device linked to the flow amount reaching a surface.

Meade Deep Sky Imager Pro II Monochrome CCD Camera | eBay

Watch the latest episode on BBC iPlayer. Since the CCD field is very small, especially in planetary imaging where we works with an eyepiece projection or a Barlowa special attention must be given to stabilize image shift and temperature changes. So remove all bright accessories in the neighbor of the sensor which emit infrared light or are not black anodize or painted flat-black which is also a good infrared absorber.

This improves image resolution, increases the image dimensions and acts as a field de-rotator, as long as your telescope is controlled by AutoStar. From a pure photographical aspect, an Alt-Az mounting will display the problem of field rotation while you will track an object across the sky.

Because using a colored filter the incident light passing through the filter is reduced and the CCD camera requests 6 times more exposure to get the same result than an unfiltered image.

Meade CCD Cameras

Therefore color CCD is another challenge reserved to the experienced amateur. Documents from manufacturers and Mike Cook. The overall resolution of first color CCDs was lower than a monochrom model due ccdd having two arrays together.

Add to this constraint CCD registration offsets, frame shifts that can occur with fast moving objects Jupiter, etc.


A sensor inside the damera takes the temperature of the chip and displays the data on your computer screen. The filters are arranged in such a way that the Luminance component of the image can be extracted with high definition.

These systems didn’t include automatic functions.

Not only CCDs are more efficient and larger but they also include automatic functions: There are more bits and pieces supplied with it though, including an auto-guiding cable, an install CD and a parfocal ring, which allows you to set a low- or medium-magnification ccx to the same focus position as the camer. Such sources are eyepieces holders, digital clocks, digital circles, dew heaters But the accuracy of a german mount equipped with classic gear wheels and a Periodic Error Correction system PEC is about 1″ while a Direct drive mount see this French page driven by an electromagnetic field goes below the diffraction limit, reason for which many amateurs have adopted this kind of mount.

As in the time of argentic photography, near the focal plane some optical trains can be quite long and heavy up to create a problem of backfocus or to put the stability of small installations at risk. A live-view window enables you to see what the camera sees, and you centre-up and focus your target here. Performances of CCD cameras and their defaults go two of a kind and is it in vain to expect recording good images if you do not control all factors that enter in our equation.