If the log level is set to debug, the port number used by the Oracle Database Cache management engine is written to the log file. For lists of the prefixes used by other Oracle products, see Oracle8i Error Messages. Enable external procedure capability in the origin database, then update the user list using Cache Manager. I have a copy of SQDeveloper and when I wish to connect to Oracle using that I simply run putty and connect via SSH and putty forwards the port to a local port All messages displayed by Oracle software are prefixed by text that indicates which program issued the message. A database password is not used for this type of login.

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A Primary key requires that every record contains a unique value in that field.

Resolve working with Oracle Spatial Tables

This is something to be aware of when sharing your Oracle data with other applications, such as Autodesk’s Map3D. Failed to execute OCI statement – string. It must be started to complete this operation. Failed to connect to server for database string Cause: The password for the user oracache may have been changed in the origin database, or the data link between the cache and the origin database might be broken.


An error occurred attempting to get necessary parameters for initialization, including port and AuthenticationServer. If you have created a map you do not want to lose but cannot save to the DBMS of your choice due to unsupported geometries, then use the Save As menu option and save the map without the unsupported geometries.


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User string does not exist in cache. When you add a new record to a remote Oracle table, MapInfo Professional locks the table, checks for the highest value of the Primary key of the table, increments it datqbase one 1and then puts that value in the Primary key field.

The size of the data file could not be altered. With OS authentication, your database relies on the underlying operating system to restrict access to database accounts. Check that the user who iracle the Oracle Database Cache management engine has access privileges to the file and the directory that contains the file.

If so, the user will connect.

If the log level is set to debug, the service name of the origin database is written to the log file. Using a null string eliminates the addition of any prefix to operating system account names, so that Oracle user names exactly match operating system user names. This worked fine whilst I was on site at university. The table does not exist in the cache.

Unable to get status of the cache Cause: The specified OCI error occurred. If insufficient ooracle space prevents increasing the size of an existing file, add a new data file to a different disk one that has sufficient disk space. Failed to drop users already deleted from origin database Cause: If the TNS Listener is stopped, start it.


Check that there is available disk space on the cache node.

Mapinfo Oracle Oci Database Driver –

This may occur if an environment variable is not set correctly or if the OCI client library needs to be re-created. See if these threads below can help you. NET and a shared server configuration.

Spawning thread number Cause: You can orafle think of this as nodes within a single polygon of a region where the polygon intersects itself, as when a node has more than 2 line segments emanating from it.

Unable to get necessary parameters for initialization Cause: Origin database service name AuthenticationServer is not provided. When the users disconnect from the cache, use Cache Manager to update the list of users.

Therefore, conversion from MapInfo Professional object to Oracle objects and the conversion from Oracle objects to MapInfo Ovi objects may not be a one-to-one translation.

Failed to determine extent size for the cache Cause: Check that there is available disk space. WTE Error caching table string.