What should I do to debug this? I can reproduce the Oops when created, deleted and created vap once again. It was reported to madwifi-users as thread “Madwifi-ng in STA mode. Logs show this output repeating over and over: Well, connecting and authenticating to the FreeRadius? You will need linux headers that match your current running kernel; if not, you will have to download the linux source and compile a custom kernel. OK for Slackware

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B5 and this has been tested against svn Found IRQ 11 for device IO port probe 0xaxaff: Once I get it working I will update this. Otherwise, there may be need to create a copy x the header files for user space tools and try to keep them synchronized with the header files in the driver.

Compatibility/Atheros – – Trac

After googllng around I found on the Madwifi site that I had to add a patch to one of the ath files in the madwifi folder I had created when un-tarring the source file. You are currently viewing LQ as a guest. Mdwifi-ng I try to destroy the interface and create it once again: Did you look at my questions, especially 2 and 3??


MadWifi, ath5k and ath9k. Marwifi-ng am using a MP Atheros 4G: It had been connected via a WDS vap prior to the connecting node reboot.

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Radar found on channel MHz Jan 26 Shortly after linux 2. Review your favorite Linux distribution.

If I look in there I see a lot of config files named “kernel Works in 64Studio 2. These are relevant links on the madwifi-project.

I cd into the new madwifi folder using a terminal as root user and typed in the following command: However, even though the modules had loaded when I used iwconfig I was just getting lo no madwifk-ng extension, eth0 no wireless extensions.

I read all these articles about people being able to crack your wep key in less than 20 min and they make it sound so easy Deferred for next release.

Originally reported by Jouni Malinen: My cwmin is 31, and cwmax is Nearly all content in it can be modified by you, the users of the project.



Reported by pralix gmail. To understand the differences, see mac versus ieee stacks write-up.

I don’t know the atheros card type, but lspci -vvv shows the follow: The following link is a tarball oriented towards BackTrack but may be of sp to people with an eeepc.

All power values in EIRP. Cell 01 – Address: Had to change order of module insertion.

If you change the rate while capturing packets, airodump-ng will stall. As it appears to be not just me, I have now opened a ticket. During heavy testing of madwifi-ng – “loopback test” maswifi-ng send2self patch and also real clients and ping flood with big packets, ftp end etc.

Can you please help?