Not to mention that basically every mouse they’ve ever released has had a shit-ton of problems. Intel Architecture Day. Renamed functions to group them. Circuitbreaker8 , Jul 19, I agree about the one side button shit, it’s annoying stuff like this happens. Added RX thanks to Dag Hovland for testing.

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Logitech SetPoint Driver Driver – TechSpot

And let’s not forget the myriad of button clicking problems and random dead mice they’ve had in every single mouse they’ve ever made peruse around complaint forums. Logitec all the uberOptions packs together in a self-installer. And the mx is mutch cheaper. Most players will want m5x18 stick with the Print Screen key” function as requested by Jerseydevil ; removed the rest of the default button profiles for the MX Revolution no-profiles defaults.

ESR – The MX thread – Hardware Forum

If you upgrade to fromIt’s either tweak all your settings in all your games, or change it to dpi: You are thinking about it the wrong way. Laser was by far my favorite American gladiator! When I got my firstmy mouse3 was all shitty and wouldn’t click right.

D I never saw the other Razer thread.


And I guess the same goes for a lot of serious gamers. Hey I dont care about dpi either smartass. Renamed functions to group them.

My mx518/ Razer diamondback comparison

Log in or Sign up. Not to mention that everybody that originally bought a Diamondback got fucked because ALL of the units got shipped with pixel skipping sensors that weren’t fixed until the MX Agilent sensor appeared which is used in the Plasma now iirc. Don’t buy this mouse because you can go to dpi. That’s new to me. mxx518

Wait for teh reviews though. I might its getting stupid now. All I want is no corded with no problems of lag of course ,light, mx shaped mouse.

It felt like it was off-axis somehow and it would get stuck all the time and be off to the side, so I’d bet there is something wrong with at least the early generation of mx’s. Delivery takes places in october ! If you pierced your ear would you expect to die from it 3 months later? The difference mx581 be felt and seen on how sensitive the mouse movement is. Well I was sponsored by Razer. He posted the same shit about the copperhead in the thread about the g1, the thread about the g5, and the thread about modding the wingman.


You could try a razer or get a microsoft 1. If you need finer control of your aim, its always better to decrease sensitivity rather than decrease DPI.

There are also reports that it can’t even do hz stable, although, nothing is conclusive yet. BTW, if you really wana see a difference, don’t forget to overclock the USB rate or hz instead of the shittyif not it is not really usefull to have a mouse like a razer: After software installation and a quick rebootI began to play around with the DPI quick set buttons which were very cool.

If you remove this spring it’s almost impossible to put back so be warned. I wouldve logiyech it, but it looks to geeky. I’m holding out until May 5, for the razer Diamondback Plasma.

I run my MX with dpi! Plugged in my old my old 3.