I replaced the last one with a more robust 5 volt supply and the WAP11 works as good as new. Appears to have been made in Comment Reply Notification Theme10 Works good for me. The main one is running Vista and he other 2 are both XP I know that doesn’t make a difference. Linksys WMP11 v b. I’ve tried everything short of downloading SP 3, which one person said would help. I never have problems like this with other vendors.

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Moral of the story, you can’t polish a turd. Currently, the linux-wlan-ng driver supports the Intersil.

wmp 11 pci card work with WPA encription?

So I went back and had a look at the linux guide and found a simple solution. I have had headaches linksyx heartaches with Linksys for far too long. IOW, a pretty complicated wall wart.

While it may not make you feel better. Just thought I’d say something nice amidst the complaints and finger pointing. Still try to upgrade the drivers for these cards from www.


Fixed! Older Linksys WPC11 / WMP11 with WPA in XP – Linksys | DSLReports Forums

I have3 home computers: Video doorbell without WiFi? I love the little blue box. Well, neither the WPC11 lunksys the Orinoco cards were originally designed for TKIP, so their performance suffers a bit, but it works until you buy new hardware.

The “slow, exponential decay dive into the great void” sounds a lot like what mine is doing.

wmp 11 pci card work with WPA encription? – Linksys Community

I have a WMP 11 2. I dont know what the problem is. Checked the cisco website and still shows linkzys the adapter will only support WEP. Linksys WMP11 v b. Don’t use an access point, use an old pc running linux. So i open it wkp11, type in the password, it shows a connecting window, and then just goes away after a minute. I’m tempted to put the damned piece of crap on an X10 power unit so I can remotely cycle it. Download this driver http: I’ve had WAP11 ver 2.

Our best wireless card is, oddly enough, a Dell TrueMobile.

Windows machine had to be re-installed. I didn’t know there was a WPA2 patch from Microsoft.


This post has been flagged and will be reviewed by our staff. Perfect for HD gaming, video streaming, music downloads, data transfer. Maybe MAC filtering and turning off broadcasts solves the security issue.

I provided most of the links for people to get what they need, however if you want the shortcut, email me and I’ll send you the specific stuff I’ve saved so I can do it again if need be. Right now it only works for WEP with the current driver.

Can’t Enable WPA 2 on Linksys WMP11 ver 2.1

And i still can’t get connected on that computer. You’ve just gotta love that. Wireless cards are now going to orinoco. Linksys WMP54G v4; v2. I think it was the type of traffic going through it.