Elster then bought out ABB http: Just to add to my problems, the meter is an ABB branded A 3 phase meter. M29 then what looks like a question mark in a square. I have a port at the top and one in the middle on a GSM-module. In my case it gives me F 00 C.

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When the drivers are installed the optical probe will appear labdis Windows as a serial COM port. This indicates a problem with the device the drivers are not yet installed. Also, have you seen these on ebay?

I just noticed there is a third probe on ebay from that same company, for use on W This time the Device Manager does not have a yellow warning entry under Other Devices.

USB Optical Probe Brochure – Landis+Gyr

Are you opticap any progress? When the installation is finished a completion screen is displayed. This looks like an old meter opticall circa Press Close to close this window and go back to the Device Manager Window. In my case it gives me F 00 C. Right click on the other device gry bring up a menu. I have a secondhand a and a rs module for test purposes, I did at one time try hooking up the rs module via a FTDI adapter and ran the elster PC based software to communicate with the a the name eludes me at the moment Elster SMARTset v1.


Select the Control Panel window then select Hardware and Sound. I have several sites that have A meters that I would like to get data from.

Just to add to my problems, the meter is an ABB branded A 3 phase meter. Bad response to R1 command received. The device responds with serial number and the maximum connection speed.

USB200 Optical Probe Brochure

Again select the second option to browse manually. These driver files are available here, and gr also supplied on a CD with each probe. Hi Stuart, did you make any progress? My meter is ABB branded A Does it come with any paperwork or guide etc, have you contacted them for any support or assistance?

There is another phone number ie not the one on ebay on the contacts page. No, but now I added a link to the reader software. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.


optlcal It’s not my answer, it’s user I couldn’t get read from serial port to work, so I did this instead: It sometimes takes several 30 seconds. Pre-Install method For computers without an internet connection the driver pre-install method is recommended.

Can you add some link to the product? I have come across various revisions and unofficial links to various places whilst trawling the net.

BLUSKY BSC1241 Optical Probe (ANSI) (USB)

This has a bi-directional optical port, and uses something called FLAG protocol. Right-click the program icon and select Run as gyg. I got it with the cable; I can post it later. The procedure should occur twice, the second time following on automatically from the first.