The same is use in some V8 engines, two cylinders get disable at some times to save gas, but doing the same to a 4 cylinder engine and disabling cylinders you are creating more issues than saving gas. There are many CPU governors available on android, but there are some important things people should look out for before selecting their new governor: It is found in hacker kernel s6, where it has been tuned for better performance while still maintaining good battery life. For more info about Haldi’s benchmarks, visit here: Thanks for you guys kind contribution.

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And will never be put into our device? Device or resource busy.

This is not a gaming governor! I think that is the improvement that can be done to this kernel and update to the best Governors out there.

[KERNEL][E975] F93 Gproj v2.2, AK, Franco Kernels & Multirom v22 E975

Are you a developer? It is also important to look out if the governor inrelliplug a Work-In-Progress WIP where bugs may be encountered during usage. Android Apps and Games. Haldi OP May Therefore, touch boost bloat is removed. It handles frequency scaling the exact same as interactive and has the same tunables as interactive for frequency scaling.


Subscribe to Thread Page 1 of 18 1 2 3 11 Last. Lagfree will give better battery life.

[Q] What is Intelli-plug, MP-decision. Which is best?

This is based on the idea that the CPU will consume a lot of power when it changes frequency. Nevermind, fixed it already, yay. The only thing the Intelliplug do is causing lags, freezes and other annoying strange things. I can not upload a screen shot on here as I have to link the image intellipljg a URL.

Conservative hotplug driver by showp The sound is extremely low and it will not change even by moving the sound levels in the system, that is why when it freeze you do not hear the sound because is very low. Qualcomm’s default hotplugging driver. Update to mrg AutoSMP.

It is a performance focused governor but also blends with some battery savings. Notice we ignore this when we are above the ideal frequency. Developed by Faux, it is highly customisable which will allow more fine-grained control over how the Inrelliplug scales up and down. When there are enough votes to change the frequency, it is ramped up and down gradually. Want to add to the discussion?


Topic: SKZ Custom Kernel for Dirty Unicorns | Dirty Unicorns

Thread Deleted Email Thread Page 1 of 2 1 2. It has thermal control logic implemented into the governor. When below the ideal freqeuncy we always ramp up to the ideal freq. XDA Feed The best way to get cutting edge news about your device!

Haldi’s Benchmark Thread for Governors&U… | Sony Xperia Z2

Haldi 19 February at You can change the frequency for input boost or turn it off altogether. Stockdemand A heavily modified ondemand for better performance and battery life. This governor was created by zparallax. I’d give that a shot depending on what kernel you’re running.

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