Contains information pertaining to the modem ID, serial number, and version. Once the service type is chosen, the user must click on the Update Beam Table button to apply the correct Beam Table for the selected Service type. This is usually applied to Hughes Net service. If the dish is stowed due to motion or movement GPS location change combined with speed of 5 km or more the system will automatically re-acquire satellite iNetVu? If the system detects motion it will wait 1min, if dish still on signal the system will re-acquire satellite, otherwise the dish will stow due to motion or movement, the system will automatically re-acquire satellite depending on the user entered delay time after stow. Installers and end users will be deemed directly liable for any damages resulting from either of their failure to comply with the above rules.

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Currently the available languages are English, Chinese Simplified and TraditionalSpanish 70000 Russian with others to come. Find Satellite or Deploy Antenna and the antenna is moving into the designated position.

The slow speed is a basis for the satellite searching procedure. Boot Loader Bootloader version loaded in the Series Controller?

D Elevation Down Limit has been reached. Page of Test Compass Positions Antenna to a level Elevation angle and updates compass heading. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Ensure that there are no metallic objects that could interfere with the Compass, and that the Mobile Platform is on ineyvu surroundings.


Re-peak every 12 hours 5 — Motion Protection iNetVu?

Page 98 of North – ? If the dish is stowed due to motion or movement GPS location change combined with speed of 5 km or more the system will automatically re-acquire satellite iNetVu? The Web Interface is similar to the Software, the difference being that it is accessed through a web browser by entering the controllers IP address in the URL bar once a network has been established between the controller and the PC.

Priority order must be followed when saving, Satellite no first and all other parameters afterwards.

INetVu Controller Manual

Infinitely loops with 3-seconds interval between tests. The first character EE represents the skew adjustment.

The iNetVu system will position 7? Page 43 of 7. Refer to Appendix 7 for A configuration, functionality will be the same for all Series Controllers. Elevation Stow Limit has been reached. Page 79 of 7.

iNetVu 7000 + G16

Background will turn red when transmitter is disabled, and green when the transmitter is enabled. The default value is 3 degrees of elevation change allowed before adjustment.

Options include configuring the elevation offset, the satellite search window, the elevation adjustment gap, the mechanical elevation limits, the slow speed, and the current limits. Should the Signal Strength be lower than 29 when locked on satellite, click Find Satellite again to re-acquire the signal. Mobile System will search for the desired Satellite. Depending inetfu the service along with the Longitude selected this will automatically be filled and will not be configurable; Eutelsat Satellites polarization angle will update to the correct offset value depending on desired Skew angle.


The routine uses the following formula: AZ calibration button will be grayed out on certain platform types as this process may not be applicable.


There are Six 6 Main Menu items to select from: Reproduction, adaptation, or translation without prior written permission is prohibited, except as followed under the copyright laws.

Page 42 of subnet IP address, as well as the controller gateway IP address. The steps involved include: Only works with DVB search mode. Page 80 of 8.

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