If you would like to use all features of this site, it is mandatory to enable JavaScript. If checkbox selected – It will default to escaping every character unless you use the FrontViewForeignCharacters. In the main file as above: I chose the imon-lcd driver in the LCDproc addon and can’t get the display to show anything. The plugin will return whatever Emby has saved. What the file does is check for any character on the left before “: Edited by Teddy, 15 February –

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Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex does not include 0. The Dual Knob and control buttons system can give the easiest way to navigation and media control.

This is quite self-explanatory. Good news Do you want to post what you did for your LCD to help others? Lc need to configure LCDSmartie as it should show whatever is on its display on your device.

If this disturbs you like meyou can help inon with a hardware mod: The FrontView -LcdsmartiePlugin, in combination with the emby server plugin – gets information from Emby server allowing lcdsmartie to use that in its displays!


Edited by Teddy, 16 February – Edited by GlennNZ, 18 February – Thank you very ld. Also disable the date in clock section. T he only problem I have now is with Spanish characters and accentsI red that there are people Smartie forum with the same problem.

Where you want text displayed you enter: To get your particular display working will have to look at LCDSmartie website or online – plenty of help out there.

Be aware when you need to troubleshoot. Wasn’t passing Album data, and better checks for Null – should pass empty strings if null – avoid error message. Remove the goodbye message when powered off When the LCDproc process is killed at system shutdown, it puts up a “goodbye” message on the VFD.

Great hope is held for the future, however: Hadn’t even attached the zip and here is a reply already! Recompile umon install, and you’re good to go.

Plugin for LCD/VFD Screens [Windows] Imon Replacement – using FrontView Server Plugin

Several patches were available, but they can be depended on LIRC version and kernel version:. Posted 17 February – This page was last modified on 18 Juneat Edit Screens as needed to display what you wish. All screens are very configurable – configure actions to decide what screen is shown when certain actions occured – ie. You currently have cld disabled. Views Read View source View history.


Imon – MythTV Official Wiki

The LCD has a lot more capabilities than the VFD for example, the ability to display in more languages than just English though the patches linked to above only have preliminary support for anything greater than what is provided in the older VFD.

The plugin will return whatever Emby has saved. Phew a bit of word salad – hopefully you follow: Would lcdd your language a bit but probably the best solution? Once you have text on your display you are ready to configure what you want to show and imo.

iMon LCD on x86/64 build – Guide

Now everything is working well for me. I saved the imon. Hi Hard to troubleshoot individual devices.

It involves the LCDSmartie display settings and selecting the right display.