They possibly are Ryan – but they would be in good company. Jstn , Jun 12, Did exactly the same thing and it worked! HP hopes its new all-in-one PCs are style icons. Scorus – Sep 9, at DJ – Oct 9, at When searching for the problem, I only found the solution explaining the way to dissemble the motherboard and re-solder the GPU.

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hp pavillion dv graphics chip – Chip – Laptop General Discussion

Plugged the motherboard back up, powered on, stayed on, video good! Notebooks and Desktops for Sale. Report Respond to kaween.

After 20 years of tech support I didn’t think something could still amaze me, but I was wrong.

HP Pavilion dv6700 laptop video card drivers

The blank screen problem occurred three times before and I got it fixed from a repair center. MrSirius9 Aug 31, at Therefore if anybody got the blank screen problem after repairing in this way, please do post to the thread.


I was told its unrecoverable.

The cooling method designed by HannStar is insufficient. Design and form factor. Certain Windows Vista product features require advanced or additional hardware.

Ahmed – Feb 4, at Kegtapper – Dec 10, at Firstly I didnt believe this would even work. The Buyer’s Guide Find it, buy it and tell us how you really feel.

Upgradability with Graphics: HP dv6700

Business Immersive Towers Workstations All-in-ones. Say “Thank you” PureHunger – Mar 10, at Today is 6th August, you did it 4th August.

If you vraphics an integrated notebook, you will not be able to upgrade. One thing I found with my dv was it gives the problem when it is overloaded with many ram consuming app Wow, now I have seen it all. Mobile Computer Repairs Dec 10, at Now, 1 of my notebook now can use back NVidia driver again Thanks once again for miracle grapyics.

We’ve calculated your overall product rating based on the average of your criteria ratings above.

HP Pavillion dv Graphic Card problem [Solved]

I am concerned whether this is also a temporary solution. With new “Influx” HP Imprint Finish and white piano outlook, as well as extra HD DVD-ROM, high computing performance and cutting-edge mobile digital entertainment solution, it provides users with a revolutionary personal mobile csrd experience.


Not trying to stir up my business but if you have any questions on where you can get your devices fixed around near yourself or to ship them out for repair please email me. Report Respond to Frank. Report Respond to JJ.

Mehmet you’re not god but you saved my laptop. He’s talking about a chip with BGA ball grid array connections and it cannot be resoldered by conventional methods. Sly-Delvecchio – Apr 12, at Security Services VR Immersive. Email Id removed for security please help hp.