I would like to thank u so freaking much!! First of all, take a look in the device manager. I can hear the fan rattle when it spins sometimes. Not sure about that. It is two hexagonal silver standoffs. No drivers problems since I tried with 2 OSes and bootable linux distributions. The conection from the AC adapter to the DC input jack was wiggly.

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Also, while i am taking apart this computer, is there anything else that can or should be done to improve my computer??

Do I have to buy the top cover only as shown at step 18?

HP Pavilion dv Entertainment Notebook PC series – Driver Downloads | HP® Customer Support

Try starting the laptop from a bootable CD. We double checked the re-attachment of the three cables to the Altec Lansing cover.

It seems like a video card issue. Its like there should be some pincer to hold it there. I will get back to you when I get further. Is there a lock tab some where or do you have to grip it a certain way? If prompted, enter the PIN, and then click Connect. Where can I get dv660 tool to remove the studs in step 5?

I was bluetoofh to take it apart again and check to make sure everything is intact, and working fine. Does anyone know where this goes? I want to go in an put in a new motherboard. When I put it all back together and turned it on, the display would not power up…and the system seems to be powering up but all processing stops withing the first 3 seconds as the hard disk light stops blinking. Thanks for the tutorial I haved a few doubts about this and with this guide I bluetooh a motherboard quickly thanks a lot………………………….


I took the lap top to the Geek squad, they said it was probably the motherboard. How did you fix your nvidia problem? A new motherboard is expensive.

Please advice…thanks…and your website is great!! Unsupported wireless network device detected. If specs looks similar except speed and maybe cash memoryI think you can upgrade it.

HP Pavilion dv6605us Notebook PC – Product Specifications

I will have to try again and give you the actual error message. I took it apart again and checked all the wires to make sure everything was nice and tight but its still doing the same thing.

What is your best solution for this problem other than getting a new laptop. After using the towel trick wrap the laptop in a towel, turn on minus hard drive, leave for one hour to allow system to get VERY blueooth — hot enough to remelt solder on graphics core and fix problemI dismantled my laptop using your guide to replace the default thermal pad on the graphics chip with a copper spacer from eBay and some AS5.


Unfortunately, the video card is integrated into the motherboard and the whole motherboard has to be replaced.

HP Pavilion dv6600 laptop Bluetooth device drivers

If you have a different version of Windows, the steps should be similar. I got my laptop taken apart no problem.

I believe the right arrow points to the speaker cable. A confirmation message displays when the devices are paired. Steps was really easy for me. Unfortunately, both Cv6600 ports on the left side are soldered bp to the motherboard.

Both the bottom covers to the Memory and Hard Drive were hotter than the battery and cover below the fan. Make sure you are running the latest BIOS version and try updating if not. I would be greatly appreciative of any help I could get from you.

Also, you can try to disconnect internal laptop keyboard and try to loging with an external USB laptop. In step 10 you say to turn the cover upside down and disconnect the cable from the power supply board.