Admittedly, it could be a placebo effect based on my knowledge that it was “faster,” but it certainly felt snappier than previous laptops to me. From top to bottom, the GS65 is impressively designed. One gripe I have about the keyboard layout is the location of the Function key to the right of the spacebar. Learn More Upgrade Now. Protect and prioritize networking traffic while preventing lag spikes so you can game without fear and play at your best. Image 10 of On the other hand, we have little to no complaints about the brilliant, nearly bezel-free display MSI has embedded into the lid of this laptop.

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All high quality stereo source is transformed into true-to-life, multi-channel sound. Regardless, this is still one of the most portable gaming laptops around. Still, it’s a great laptop for gaming, with looks that match ts65 horsepower. Simply log in with your SteelSeries ID and all your configurations will be available wherever you are.

This is the ultimate gaming experience, fueled by the fastest performance, most advanced gaming technologies, and best gaming ecosystem. Gaming Mode Optimize system gaming performance Launch with auto-tuning for visual, audio, and lighting.

MSI GS65 Stealth Thin 8RF – World’s First Hz Thin Bezel Gaming Laptop

Although we endeavor to present the most precise and comprehensive information at the time of publication, a small number of items may contain typography or photography errors. Image 18 of Interdevice Communication Thanks to the unified software we have opened up new lines of communication between devices.


The perfect combination of MSI gaming laptops and Nvidia next gen. Considering the relatively small size of the GS65, battery life is impressive.

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MSI has at last elevated its leading line of laptops to elite status with the MSI GS65 Stealth formaking the sub best of the technology afforded it. The new battery design allows up to eight hours of use, giving you uninterrupted productivity and entertainment. Perfect for gss65 to immerse in the amazing artificial world and explore new ways of gaming. MSI has thankfully gone in a different direction regarding the look and feel of its flagship thin-and-light gaming laptop, focusing on a device with far wider appeal.

Independent thermal solution for both CPU and GPU with 4 heat pipes makes sure to deliver the best gaming performance, even under extreme loads.

Gaming is therefore Stylish

The exterior is covered in matte black with gold highlights along the edges, and gx65 the touchpad. This laptop delivers the same or more within its admittedly gorgeous chassis for less money than the rest — plain and simple.

One gripe I have about the keyboard layout is the location of the Function key to the right of the spacebar. Introduction, price and design Next Page Performance, battery life, features and verdict. SteelSeries Engine 3 is used to customize the keyboard’s backlight or search for profiles dedicated to a specific game. Get ready to be amazed by the all new Nahimic 3 and live the gaming immersion like never before! When starting a game from Dragon Center, the app clears system memory, changes the display to fit the game style, and switches to your desired keyboard lighting profile.


Despite the benchmark results, my real world experience left me impressed.

MSI GS65 Stealth Thin Gaming Laptop Review – IGN

Users now have the ability to backup, share, and sync your configuration profiles through the SteelSeries CloudSync across all your platforms. The Verdict There is a lot to like about the GS For more, read our Terms of Use.

Currently it works with the devices of keyboard, headset, and mouse. Introduction, price and design. The speakers are a letdown and the fans can get loud, and if you were looking for extra FPS due to additional cores, you’re going to have to keep looking. Image 6 of From top to bottom, the GS65 is impressively designed. GS65 fulfill your diverse portability needs.

The latest and fastest interface Thunderbolt 3 supports up ge65 40Gbps data transfer rates and 4K displays with daisy chain capabilities. More Expert Tech Roundups.