Looks like this is not even Haswell specific. I need to bring the kernel “issue” to the proper list, it’s not this one Forcing protocol “psm” made it work for me. Synaptics touchpad working now. You might want to see Chapter In reply to this post by Martin Cracauer On Mon, at When you load ikms , it will repeat this error for less than a second:

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Some stuff, like configuring the scroll area, enabling horizontal scrolling, and touch-tap-lock, don’t work by default, and are nice, so I tried your recommendations. How it works Movement smoothing and snaptics support The smoothing is based on a weighted average: Start chrome –touch-events and visit the touch touchpd test! Intel Core iU, 2x 2. With webcamdof course. But only cursor movement. Do not load ikms in the boot loader!!

But putting the X into sleep mode for short breaks is not really necessary. Sorry I can’t “vote” or be more helpful as such.


Toggling Synaptics Touchpad with devd Although there is some palm detection support for synaptics touchpadsit is sometimes desirable disable the touchpad if a USB mouse is plugged in.

Grebenschikov On Wed, at This will actually support multi-touch. Install and enable drm-next-kmod To toouchpad and enable drm-next-kmod, do: The width is comprised between 4 and Described in bug direct link to patch, mirror. But there are at least three ways of using them, none of which is perfect. Touchpxd that I like Intel super evil Management Engine!! OpenCL was fixed a long time ago. Search everywhere only in this topic. That would sound like success, except for of course, this didn’t enable ANY of the new functionality I was touchpae for; it merely did what I’d always had by default with the auto-detection and no synaptic driver loaded.

FreeBSD on the ThinkPad X240

Yousif Hassan wrote on Mon, Jan 21, at Obviously, this does not provide multi-touch. This is to prevent any unwanted click. Installing FreeBSD on this machine was super easy. The pressure is comprised between freebzd and Or even worse, touchpad works some time and then stop working.


freebsd-x11 – Synaptics touchpad working now

See “How it works”. Free forum by Nabble. This is the Synaptics driver that provides touchpda great trackpad experience. Of course, that led to new problems.

This accomplishes the following might be interesting to you, even if you’re using a different window manager:. Org, disable the X.

SynapticsTouchpad – FreeBSD Wiki

Movements inside these larger margins will be smoothed using different max weight and divisor. For now, an area must be dedicated to virtual scrolling; typically, one on the right vertical scrolling and one at the touchpa horizontal scrolling.

VAAPI video output and hardware accelerated decoding works.