Package and Construction The mechanical design of the probe is shown in Fig. The signal then goes through three bandpass filters that separate and further amplify the signals. To compute corrected profiles, it is necessary to digitize the euialog plots. APR 29 80 ! Gain amplitudes for each probe are measxired during manufacturer phases are estimated from a transfer function analysis using nominal component values. Time variations in u significantly influence the counter outputs. About two dozen probes were taken to sea on Oceanus Cruise 42 in April

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Oceanus as part of the Local Dyneunlcs Experiment of the U. To check the Slpplcan calibrations, we wanted to measure the probe at the same points. Hence, the two profilers can only be compared with 2 m unknown velocity offset. MAR 19 80 !

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About two dozen probes were taken to sea on Oceanus Cruise 42 in April ekg The model can be used to predict Ekg from the ship as a function of a, the distance of the release point from the ship.

The program listing follows. The carrier detector circuit serves to keep the phase lock loop squelched until a keybpard is present. The attenuation of signal on the wire can be as much as dB at 5 kHz with all the wire in the water.

OCT 31 80 ! Current meter measurements In the open ocean usually show an Isotropic Internal wave field with the same amount -if energy In east and north Wunsch, The receiver has available on the front panel FM carriers for temperature, electric field and compass to be recorded on an HP or similar Instrumentation recorder for backup.


This again suggests that the XTVP north velocity must be corrected for north-south tilt. Such a wave will be attenuated as it propagates into the sea due to the generation of electric currents keyblard opposing magnetic fields.

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This is because the electric currents lines are curved and must become vertical as they converge toward the source and sinlc. Data are recorded in eib records. More profiles should be taken at distances of m from the ships, or more detailed electric and magnetic measurements should be made. The digital receiver was interfaced to an HP T desk-top computer.

We have not shown sensitivities for individual components; rather we have computed the variability of the probe transfer functions as a function of component tolerances. The compass channel has a gain of approximately 40 dB. The sinusoidal fits are less sensitive 579a0 the rotation frequency estimate when the fits are shorter.

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The north velocity is most affected on the m scale, where the area, or tilt, fluctuations are concentrated. Press CONT keuboard when probe is launched.

The operator writes down the elapsed time from when the fuse was lit to the time the wire broke. The maximum, minimum, average and standard deviation for the amplitude and phase of each transfer function are computed given the rotation frequency and component tolerances using a computer program.


Suspension of this activity for brief periods would be beneficial to the data quality and not too detrimental to corrosion control. In this case, a current dipole of This mixes the east and north potentials. The wave signal will appear as a vertical shear of wavelength equal to the probe’s fall speed times the wave period.

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The value of computed here certainly overestimates the 5790aa noise in more recent probes, probably by a factor of 2 or more. The controller will write an end-of-file record emd em end-of- Informatlon EOI record at the end of each drop when the operator sets the end-of-drop switch on the front panel.

Operator notifies bridge that drop has been completed and that there is no need for further radio silence. Phase Lock Loops The phase lock loops perform the three functions of frequency multiplication, frequency-to-voltage conversion and signal-to-noise improvement at low carrier levels.

These signals are recorded in the two-pen XYY recorder as a function of time depth in real time as the probe is falling.

The data are then written to mass-storage, either floppy disc or tape cartridge.