Or it is in BIOS preconfigured? Please a response is appreciated. So, I just tried what you advise and follow step 4. I did all the steps and I ended up with the problem stated below about not being able to turn on my laptop. Do you think I am right in hoping that removing and resetting the RAM cards and hard drive I might help my computer work? But I have just reinstalled Vista since the partition of recovery.

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All cables seems connected, what could have happened? Did you remove the heat sink for cleaning? Bluetoith took it apart again and checked all the wires to make sure everything was nice and tight but its still doing the same thing. For more detailed keyboard removal instructions please follow this guide dv laptop.

Maybe you are confusing it with a hard drive Vd6700 Is there any alternate power cable for the LCD display? I truly appreciate it! Any one of these two SoftPaqs might resolve the issue. Which connector are you talking about? Thanks for your help!


If yes, most likely this is software related problem. Bluetooth opened the two special screws hex finally. However, I messed one thig up: One note, the way kept track of which screws went where was to use a muffin tin pan and took little videos with my phone with little notes.

Can you hear the cooling fan spinning?

The largest-ever x is the highlight of HP’s new computer lineup. Usually fuses located close to the jack too.

I would suggest cleaning the heatsink with compressed air. I dont have compressed air, I will use a q-Tip.

Was this corrosion over some small components? There are currently no user reviews associated with this product. Please help me out. Information and links in this thread may no longer be available or relevant.

And it works on this DV! It has two connectors the top one pointed with a yellow arrow. All of the lights and fans turn on briefly. Save the installer on your computer, double-click its icon and follow the prompts to install it. Unfortunately, both USB ports on the left side are soldered directly to the motherboard.



So I know it is getting power. Test your laptop again. Now, the battery is not charging; which probably indicates that the battery contacts are not in properly interlocked. If bluetooth adapter appear in the device manager but not in the network connections, this could be software related problem.

I just disassembled my Hp dv to clean out the fan, which was making bluetolth lot of noise. Have you tried reseating memory modules?

HP Pavilion dv6700

To resolve, I have to continuously open and close the screen until it stays on. You can search for a new motherboard by the part number which could be found on a sticker in the memory compartment. Maybe you forgot to plug the speakers?