It’s either the games don’t use this filtering method or the filtering is somehow turned off when the drivers detect a familiar benchmark running, to boost results. The Voodoo2 featured an increased clock speed and dual texture units for single pass multitexturing – the first consumer level board to do so. The other chief point of interest is the fan-cooled heatsink on the main chip; the ultra-low-profile fan is built into the heatsink, and the whole assembly is no bigger than the standard “prickly” heatsinks included on boards like the Viper V reviewed here. But Diamond’s combo is extremely thin, sleek and you can feel more air expelled out. In my opinion, it’s not reliable enough, maybe it’s just to check in future if the results have improved from new driver releases. We ain’t in Region-1!

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Diamond Monster Fusion graphics card – Voodoo Banshee – 16 MB

There is a possibility for some Fusion’s to come with a Mhz core-clock and Mhz memory clock by default. Diamond InControl Tools The driver install package also contains Diamond’s InControl Tools, which provides quick menu access to various Windows display features as well as resolution switching like the venerable QuickRes or rather better MultiRes another free EnTech product.

If you play your first person shooter in single player mode and you’re happy with Voodoo 2-level by graphics, the Monster Fusion will do better than fine. The Monster Fusion comes with a “special edition” of Unreal, which like all special editions is basically just a demo.

Diamond Monster Fusion Z AGP

Diamond is up to something! Log in Don’t have an account? The other well-known Banshee card maker who though fully added that combo was Asus, but it’s combo is taller because it uses cheaper but standard heatsink monsetr a screwed on fan. Diamonf also too darn costly!! There are 3 scenes to choose from and each one runs for about 15 seconds and at the end of that test, a result will be displayed in FPS. Dot pitch is the distance between any given dot and the nearest dot of the same colour – red, green or blue.


Diamond Monster Fusion 3dfx Voodoo Banshee 16mb AGP v VGA Graphic Card | eBay

This is one of the few AGP cards out there with virtually no compatibility problems! Heading to the display properties, you can see the correct adapter name, but you’ll only have the annoying colour x option and nothing else.

As per the Diamond’s usual tradition, there is no hand-held manual. The Voodoo2 also brought the possibility of using two cards in a single system using a technique called Scan Line Interleaving aka SLI to almost double the performance. This is a pretty good one, though. The sad part about the 2D is that the 24 bit color mode diamomd created through dithering, therefore making it not much of a difference between 16 bit color.

Diamond Monster Fusion 3dfx Voodoo Banshee 16mb AGP 3.3v VGA Graphic Card

Without single pass multitexturing, the 3D is all about NOW because soon a lot more games will use multiple texturing. Even a Diamond fanatic would wait for the Stealth!

It’s referred to as depth, and sometimes as bit depth, because of the concept of overlapping, stacked “bitplanes”, planar arrays of ones and zeroes that, together, define the colour of each pixel. No part of the above is to be reproduced, copied or modified without the permission fuion the WebMaster. You could buy fusin V cheaper than this Fusion!

This will tell how much detail the card is able to show in close-up.

It’s got 11 levels, and three new deathmatch levels – only two are mentioned on the box. All benchmarks fueion done on the Machete. The Banshee’s 3D electronics are much the same as the Voodoo 2’s, except it doesn’t have multitexturing – which makes it a bit slower for games that support multitexturing, like Quake 2 and Unreal.

I recommend you do the same, as a matter of course, with any new hardware. The 3D quality looks like that of a Voodoo-2 or a little betterit’s good but not as ‘perfect’ like the G and TNT.


Shortly after, the Voodoo-Rush was introduced, same as the original Voodoo but allows it to use an Alliance-Semiconductor’s 2D chipset to make it a stand-alone card but it wasn’t successful as it was plagued by problems and performance wasn’t up to par.

This can also apply to some Slot 1 motherboards, like for example the Abit BH6. Overall 3Dfx aren’t aiming the Banshee chipset at hard-core gamers, and indeed for the most popular 3D games even a fast Banshee board like the Monster Fusion isn’t quite up there with Voodoo 2, let alone the Riva TNT. Diamond once again armed their Monster-2 line with the Voodoo-2 chip and 3dfx reigned for an even longer time as the fastest gaming solution thanks to the in-built Scan-Line-Interleave SLI technology that allows another Voodoo-2 based card to pair up with the 1st one provide higher resolutions and frame-rates.

All I did was uninstall my old video card drivers; shutdown my computer; put the board in; and fire it up. Its performance on the standard Demo2 and less demanding multiplayer test Massive1 was acceptable, but to pass muster for multiplayer gaming you need to manage about 30 frames per second on the Crusher demo.

It’s not enough that a given graphics system support the resolution and colour depth you want. They stacked lots and lots of eye-catching Diamond Stealth boxes must be based in the Trio and 64 but were aptly named Stealth and 64 respectivelyenough to make the ‘joe’ user believe that it was the leading brand.

After only a half hour benchmarking session with the computer case open, the other side of the board under the heatsink was almost uncomfortably hot.