I was able to get the ODBC version working on a prior version of the drivers If the server isn’t aliased, you have to use the ip address and port number in the connection string, not ideal as these may change occassionally. I realize this is an old question. More info and driver downloads Set example values. In the Password field, type a password for the user. RegionalNumberSettings Enables using local regional settings when converting numbers to string.

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Net2 object, that error went away. This option is useful if you have an ODBC data source and you want to specify additional or different parameters when you connect. In provider list I can’t find Sybase odbc provider. Net2 connection object would always throw what appeared to be a DLL error on instantiation.

Complete the following fields to connect to the database: The QuotedIdentifier option tells Adaptive Server to consider any character string enclosed in double quotes as an identifier. The Sybase manual contains a List of DatabaseSwitch values.

To change this behavior and allow returning fixed types in metadata, this parameter should be set to True. To retrieve metadata, not all parameters according to MSDN can accept a null value.


Nits 4 11 I have used the connectionstrings.

Connection parameters passed as connection strings. Maybe this will help someone else trying to solve their Sybase issues.

This one odbd included because of reported problems with using the “Catalog” key which was solved by using the Sign up using Email and Password. Popular Connection strings explained Rules for connection strings Store connection string in web.

Connect to Sybase (SybaseToSQL)

Password Used to supply a password for login. That said, when building a. The database server is named SampleServer. Note this referenced link is the “developer” edition, which may not be suitable for your requirements.

Database Used to set the name of the database ConnectionTimeout Used to specify the time in seconds before an attempt to make a connection is considered unsuccessful. To access this dialog box, on the File menu, select Connect to Sybase.

ODBC Driver for SAP Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise

Some other reports on problem using the above one, try the following as an alternative. Password Enter the password for the user name. Regardless, a trick you might try if you are using Windows is: Context and remarks If a connection string and an ODBC data source both specify the same connection parameter, the value from the connection string is used and the value from the data source is ignored. The default server name is the same as the computer name.


RegionalDateTimeSettings Enables using local regional settings when converting dates and times to string. Default local database engine. That file can be rolled out to all users, and the sql.

Connection string

Regardless, a trick you might try if you are using Windows is:. I had to add the charset part to get it to work outside of my development machine. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Stack Overflow sfring best with JavaScript enabled. The option value should be changed if any third-party tool supports only Ansi string types or Unicode ones.

IPv4 and IPv6 are available. Results The administration tool connects to the database.