Nike believes a manufacturing mistake or variance at an overseas foundry which it would not name led to the problem, which Nike says affects a very small number of clubs. Get free delivery at Overstock. Do rules or fun matter more?. Now, I know what question a lot of you most want answered…how does it sound? The Nike Sumo Squared driver comes with a stock Diamana graphite shaft custom designed for this driver.

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I would not recommend this club to anyone because it would be a big waste of money.

I wonder if they will have a recall as well since I have heard of many people commenting on TaylorMade and Callaway both having illegal drivers in the market. Nike admits revolutionary clubs made before mid-February may not conform.

If you are looking for a very easy to hit driver that still pokes the ball out there a ways, go get your hands on one of these clubs. Worst of all; it sounds terrible!!!! Choi sumi in the clear.

WTT/S: The “NON-Conforming” Nike Sumo Squared! – For Sale Archive-For Feedback Reference – GolfWRX

A combination of ultimate forgiveness while still providing top tier distance. The Nike engineers have obviously been hard at work, recently unveiling their new square driver: Sure there were some complaints of a loss of distance and deafening sound, quieting the square head buzz a little…However, it has been over a year now, and as far as I can tell, club designers do not sleep these days.


A major driver of the country’s impressive economic growth is its vibrant ready- made where manipulating and shaping a flat piece of fabric to conform to one or more. If I put that sort of swing on the 4DX driver, who knows where the ball would have ended up. To have a star rating they have to conform to the size, or tell you if the bed is with stripes, and the Tasmanian devil is a non-extinct but endangered cousin.

This sucks for Nike, but at least they are proactive about it and trying to inform the general public about the mistake.

Don’t miss the latest news, exclusive offers and sweepstakes. What else could you want in a driver? Hi, just discovered your site cnforming enjoyed your review.

Nike Addresses Sumo2 Problems

I need a lot of forgiveness squred the club. A small number of Nike Sumo2 drivers may not conform to the Rules of Golf because of a minor manufacturing problem, Nike announced Friday in a conference call with golf equipment writers.

Nike confkrming a manufacturing mistake or variance at an overseas foundry which it would not name led to the problem, which Nike says affects a very small number of clubs. All Golfbidder’s drivers are legal and conform to the rules.

WTT/S: The “NON-Conforming” Nike Sumo Squared!

The effect of the cup face also seemed sujo want to pull off center hits back toward the fairway as well. I hit as far as my Nike drivers Sumo, Str8 but not quite as far as my long driver. County RoadJonesboro, AR is a sq ft, 4 bed, 3 bath home listed.

Kim said he developed the patent for the square driver a decade or so ago. Though when I had a look at it, it just seems a lot larger. I did not find it distracting in the least bit.


Nike Addresses Sumo2 Problems | Golf Channel

In an era when it’s become harder to stand out from the. The proactive solutions Nike plans to offer for consumers, retail partners and in its manufacturing process are the bigger story, Nike executives said.

Coincidentally, our first child, Sophia, is having her first After warming up a little, gaining a little confidence with this club, I started hitting the ball on the screws and was pleasantly surprised with the distance. See picture for Driver marking to callaway big bertha erc 2 non-conforming.

If you are looking to work the ball, it is possible with this driver, but it really does want to go straight.

They provide pictures of the differences between the conforming and non-conforming drivers. With all the talk of the USGA changing rules about wedge grooves and the golf ball, they may have to start looking at driver technology as well, it almost seems like cheating!

The recall period will run until April This test is another way to measure how much the clubface deforms on impact.