As mac requires all injected packets to have a Radiotap header, which is not supported in aircrack-ng 0. July 05, , I have Atheros AR which use the ath9k driver. I got an error saying hunk 1 failed? Searching for that ID in WikiDevi or any search engine would also help finding the chipset and driver required.

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See Installing Drivers for updated information.

Once you have determined the chipset, chances are you tah9k have identified the driver on Linux. How to use Atheros aiecrack driver with aircrack-ng?

Availability of software drivers for your particular operating system and intended use of the software. You might need to change the settings in the synaptic package manager, if you open the spm and look under settings for ‘repositories, make sure that on the ubuntu software and other sources tabs the boxes are checkedthen try those commands again.

Sometimes multiple times, such as when it is bundled with a WiFi manager.

KALI LINUX , Aircrack-ng With Atheros Wifi Chipset Support On MI4I — Vineet Alpha

May 25th, 2. Except where otherwise noted, content aircracl this wiki is licensed under the following license: But sure, if something mess with wlan0 don’t think that things will be ok. Have you ever heard BackTrack??


Unfortunately, it is sometimes the hardest to determine. The following drivers use mac not all have been tested to work with aircrack-ng: Standalone driver has been added to the Linux Staging tree. Results 1 to 10 of How much peer support and documentation is available for the card and software drivers.

Microsoft Windows is only supported by Airpcap for now. Then Install All the apps Stated above in the essentials. If the card is internal, do the same with lspci -vv. Others will know now. Linux-wireless has aircracj list of drivers in Linux.

ath9k [Aircrack-ng]

I will leave a feedback later if it will fix my problem. There are many considerations that should go into your purchase decision:.

Always run “sudo airmon-ng check kill”. At last, I can now make my rouge AP work.

Fix all Ralink/ath5k/ath9k drivers for aircrack-ng (no more -1) – Howtos – Forum

Hi Hackdroid, Yep i tested this only with my Ralink adapter. Scroll down and there will be lists of IDs that are supported by that driver. Then Flash Cyanogen Mod Here, problem was with 2nd patch.


Now i wait for your test, if this does not work for you May 25th, 1. For the released 2.

Determine the chipset and driver of a wireless card

Fix all Ralink drivers for aircrack-ng no more -1 Reply 2 on: The next section describes the operating systems supported and limitations by chipset. This fix is already included in 2. There are many considerations that should go into your purchase decision: If the aigcrack is packed in an executable.