It was cheap and had a great feature set with only one major bit of stupidity. First of all, with the 0. Adds catchy Evil Inside emblem too. This one also reflects a real situation with the help of modern applications. Besides, in the new version applications are started not successively but simultaneously, like in real conditions, and during the test they are switching from one to another. The chipset’s and memory’s power is set to 3.

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MetaCreations Bryce 4 Adobe Photoshop 5.

I got it up and running and it is rock solid. The chipset’s and memory’s power is set to 3.

ASUS TUSL2-C – motherboard – ATX – Socket – iEP Overview – CNET

Package and complete set A standard red package contains a printed out description of the board with short installation instructions, cables for IDE devices and for an FDD. Stock BIOS forces some reductions when you overclock.

But yeah it’s no show stopper. However, if we take the desktop version, the situation will be reverse – while the L2 cache’s size is not of great interest, its overclockability plays an important role. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.


No, the matter is not in the tysl2.

Some sort of aaus. You don’t need anything fancy. I noticed that there was some goo on the mobo in a few spots. Highly recommended if you don’t need ISA.

ASUS TUSL2-C: One major oversight – i B-Step Tualatin Motherboard Roundup – July

Such situation didn’t satisfy Intel. It is stable, easy to setup no weird PCI sharing problemsup to date for its time, and overclocks quite well.

BioShock Infinite and Metro: For example, a Thermaltake Pipe fits fine!! I thus proceeded to give the board my usual dirty PC hardware bath in hot water and dish soap.

There is no material that is knowingly illegal here. On the whole, the board doesn’t differ from its predecessors – in this case a new layout is not required.

No modifications for MHz are planned to be released.

Besides, there are utilities for system monitoring, a proprietary screensaver and AsusUpdate. Found one on fleabay and bought it.


The obsolescent core and a 0. The overclocked Tualatin wins from the PentiumIII by a great margin, but when at the same frequency, ttusl2 shows just a bit better score.

The overclocked processor, however, is beyond comparison. First of all, this solution has a twice larger L2 cache: The latter two are located in front of PCI slots. It’s just disgusting to see Intel manipulate things like that. Nowadays, I pretty much use it tus,2 my DirectX 8 rig.

ASUS TUSL2-C, Socket 370, Intel Motherboard

To improve the stability the developers equipped the board with 8 uF and 2 uF capacitors. Exactly this processor is under investigation today. Tualatin chips run cool. Fixed it up good. I don’t use it that much, anymore, but I can’t bear to part with it either.

So far, I am quite pleased.