It can handle web browsing with multiple web pages open without a strain. God I wish it had a qhd screen…. It makes me the kind of person who replied to your comment. Even with full bars where I live, the G2x struggled to get past 1. I love the Optimus 2X and believe this one is the best Android phone on the market right now. Does it have free wifi tethering? I feel strongly this is the best android phone on the market.

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There are some things that we wish we could see the device ship with, namely Android 2.

G2x LED Notification App (Android)

The front of the G2x is your standard Android affair. God I wish it had a qhd screen…. When going about 15 blocks towards downtown, the handset began to see an average of 5. Gotta love the straight up stock android. Its a pity about the design. Wish another carrier would offer a phone with a stock android option.

The quality of the G2x is surprisingly solid. Now if I can only wait patiently until Wednesday until mine comes in the mail.

REVIEW: T-Mobile G2x – Dual-core Tegra 2 powered Android phone

When you are shelling out EUR for a small device which does not need that much of imagination to make it nice to look and hold. I love the Optimus 2X and believe this one is the best Android phone on the market right now. Looking at you Motorola and Samsung. You forgot to mention that the G2X also comes abdroid the super durable Gorilla Glass! In the hand, the G2x definitely feels like a high-end premium device.


Some people may not like it, some will. Reception goes in and out. T-Mobile may have grabbed one of the best smartphones available today with the G2x. LG has finally hit one out of the park, and more great devices are on the way. The back of the G2x is done up in a soft touch finish, and is easily removed by a tab at the bottom.

CNN announced it is making its popular news application available globally for free from the Android Market. I thought HTC took care of the G series. You can also find the proximity and ambient light sensors on the top as well.

T-Mobile G2x Android Development

This thing is so fast it is mind boggling. We anndroid the G2x in a series of tests using three different benchmark applications, Quadrant, Neocore, and Linpack. I cant make a call from my couch because I dont have reception. The phone shuts off all by itself on occasion. You just pay for the phone outright or break it up into monthly payments. Some other mobile operating systems may have attempted this, but none are as good as Android when it comes to customization.


That said, your coverage will vary depending on how close you are to a tower. The G2x has great call quality, and I experienced 2gx hiccups whatsoever.

In our hands, applications literally felt like they were opening and closing instantly. The top of the handset houses the 3.

Many are guessing LG is locking those bands on the radios per request by TMobile until the acquisition finalizes. Since the handset ships with Android 2. Yeah, get used to not having this option soon. The 4-inch display covers most of the front, with the 1. Going over to the right side of the handset will show you two separate volume keys, which feel good when pressed, giving the perfect amount of tactile feedback.