To ensure correct values are captured, your Application RTL must include code to force sampling to the middle of this window. Refer to the figure below for bit definitions. One is configured as a Root Port and the other as an Endpoint. The maximum possible throughput is calculated as follows: To run the reference design application requires installation of the following software:

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Arria V Avalon-ST Interface for PCIe Solutions User Guide

Records the following 5 primary command status errors:. This register maintains a value associated with the power consumed by the component. If no other delays are added to the ready-valid latency, the resulting delay corresponds to a readyLatency of 2. The following table provides bandwidths for a single transmit TX or receive RX channel. For a hot-plug capable Endpoint as indicated by the Hot Plug Capable field of the Slot Capabilities registerthis parameter must be turned On.

Altera recommends setting this bit. If set to 0, this component is not permitted to use MSI. A requester first sends a memory read request. The TX data signal can be 64 or For more information about configuration over a PCI Express link below.


The Endpoint stores parameters in the Type 0 Configuration Space.

It is 0 for Endpoints. The timeout range is selectable. The desired performance for received completions and requests is set to Maximum. For example, a returned value of indicates a table size of This information updates every coreclkout cycle. expeess

This signal is not asserted when an Application Layer credit is consumed. All others continue to be forwarded edpress the Application Layer. The upper 44 bits of the prefetchable limit registers of the Type1 Configuration Space.

Altera’s FPGA PCIe chaining DMA example IP core

This signal forces the TX output to electrical idle. Power management turn off status register. The software GUI has the following control fields: This reference design enables you to evaluate the performance of the PCI Express protocol in the following devices: Disable low power state negotiation.

Virtual channel arbitration table Reserved. If no attention button exists for the slot, this bit should be hardwired to 0, and the Attention Button Present bit bit[0] in the Slot capability register parameter is set to 0.


If the Hard IP is in a low power state, the link exits from the low-power state to send the message. Error Source Identification Register. If you select At Endpoint addressyou can type the starting read address in Endpoint memory in the Endpoint address field. The index consists of the following 2 fields:. Altera has performed significant hardware testing to ensure a reliable solution.

This signal is optional. Defining memory as prefetchable allows contiguous data to be fetched chxining. Prefetchable window For chhaining packets per cycle, this signal is undefined. This register is available only in Root Port mode.