C Learning new things everyday Thank you in advance Are your drivers looking for the new scope in the right place? Put some probes in the initialize VI and see where the error is occurring. If it doesn’t find the instrument ID, I would be suspicious of your connection. Message 20 of

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Software Problems, Hints and Reviews:: I use a fair amout of Agilent equipment and this has worked extremely well for me. I think the problem is due to the capital letters of the returned ID.

Agilent ESG Series Signal Generator

I don’t remember the exact process but you should select the manual mode for creating the resource and enter the ip address. Legal Privacy Terms Trademark Acknowledgements. Message 16 of I look through the VI zgilent the instrument driver but I can’t seem to find it. The EC ESG is an adaptable platform with optional capabilities to customize the instrument for baseband and RF test applications ranging from simple distortion test and general purpose troubleshooting to baseband coding algorithm development, advanced transceiver design verification, and high volume manufacturing.


The ID Query failed () in Keysight MSOSA – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

My support system ensures that I don’t look totally incompetent. Thank you for answering.

I tried without success. I hope this is helpful.

EC auto frequency change – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

Message 6 of 8. Repeat immediately from the beginning or do something else? Contact an Expert Chat Live.

Thank you in advance Are your drivers looking for the new scope in the right place? Do somebody use Agilent ec to generate any waveform agipent programming iqdata to download into memory. Enable JavaScript to view product images. For that I need to transmit a GSM signal with some specific format like data in timeslots and specific training sequences.

So they expect those additional bits of info on the end of the ID tag in this VI but seem to forget they are there in the Initialize VI.

I haved used matlab to generate a single tone ,but when i set ec ‘s sample clock,it becomes two tones.


Where can I find LabView examples for the ESG, PSG, MXG, and E8663B signal generators?

My support system ensures that I don’t look totally incompetent. I need your help.

Message 9 of Do you have a manual or data sheet for the device that has these commands? Thank you for your answers. Message 2 of Message 5 of Message 2 of 8.

And I have also read that thread u mention before I asked this question. Wow, I should probably put on my reading glasses.

I wasn’t sure how the port number is selected. You may also be using a model that is not officially supported by this driver. Does the returned ID really have a space after agileng comma, or did you just type it that way out of habit?

I think the second solution is the best option.