Translation on page 7 The backup battery is a lithium battery and can cause a fire, an explosion, or severe burns. The diagnostic tests are intended to test only IBM products. Do not replace a non-defective FRU. Samsung Notebook 9 Pen for Antes de quitar una FRU, apague el sistema, desenchufe todos los cables de las tomas de corriente electrica, quite la bateria y, a continuacion, desconecte cualquier cable de conexion entre dispositivos.

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If you suspect a power problem, refer to the appropriate power supply check listed below: Remove the two screws securing the fan ASM. This symptom is aurio a hardware problem.

Carefully release the latches on both sides of the modem card. Best tablets and accessories for Christmas gifts: See “Running the Diagnostics” on page 50 for details.

Remove the keyboard from the lower case. Rayonnement laser si carter ouvert. LCD panel cracked by applying excessive force or from being dropped Scratched cosmetic parts Cracked or broken plastic parts, broken latches, broken pins, or broken connectors caused by exces- sive force Damage caused by liquid spilled into the system Damage caused by the improper insertion of a PC Card or the installation of an incompatible card Damage caused by foreign material in the FDD Diskette drive damage caused by the diskette drive cover being pressed or by the insertion of a diskette with multiple labels Damaged or bent diskette eject button CD-ROM drive damage caused by excessive force, shock, or from being dropped Fuses blown by attachment of a nonsupported device Forgotten computer password making the computer unusable The following symptoms might indicate damage caused by by nonwarranted activities: If the problem remains, replace the following FRUs one at a time.


IBM ThinkPad E Notebook Windows 98, ME, Drivers, Software | Notebook Drivers

Use a slow lifting force. Physical Characteristics Form Factor. If your hair is long, fasten it. Verify the symptoms by attempting to recreate the failure by running the diagnostic test or by repeating the same operation. Translation on page 6 The battery pack contains small amounts of nickel.

IBM ThinkPad 390E 2626 – 14.1″ – PII – Win98 – 64 MB RAM – 6.4 GB HDD Series

The LCD should be replaced if the number of missing, discolored, or lighted dots in any background is: I decided it was worth the money to have full-featured sound support. Put back the backup battery RTC. En effet, une batterie inappropriee risque de prendre feu ou d’exploser. Following the list are explanations of the messages and remedies for reported problems.

Power on the computer and wait until POST ends. Then reinstall the Battery ASM.

IBM ThinkPad E – ” – PII – 64 MB RAM – GB HDD Overview – CNET

Remove the power latch and IR board. Die Batterie kann schwere Verbrennungen oder Veratzungen verursachen. My file reads like this: Battery ASM power on. You enable or disable the Caps Lock mode by pressing audko Caps Lock key. Introduction 5 Safety Notice 3 The battery pack contains small amounts of nickel.


Blinking The computer is entering green suspend mode. Metallic parts or metal flakes can cause electrical short circuits. Printer driver Printer cable System board Serial or parallel port device problems. You can press F1 for help.

IBM ThinkPad 390E Notebook Windows 98, ME, 2000 Drivers, Software

Remove the five screws securing the speaker. Date of service 3. Symptoms Verified Goto Power failure. If the test detects a modem problem, replace the modem card.