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About the initiative

In partnership with the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Health, General Electric launches a healthcare initiative to increase awareness on the importance of the early detection of breast cancer, working towards making the KSA completely breast cancer free .

General Electric’s Role :

The Ministry of Health in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and General Electric will host special events and activities to further enlighten women on the importance of an early checkup for and detection of breast cancer and its prevention, with a focus on understanding the symptoms, early signs, and the health risks that come with breast cancer. The Program includes:

  • - The presence of 3 advanced mobile clinics in Riyadh, providing women the means to easily get checked for breast cancer in a comfortable and convenient environment.
  • - The mobile clinics providing a full examination and checkup, and the capability of analyzing data. The clinics will be situated in close proximity to the main care centers, and images will be uploaded to specialists in King Fahd’s Medical City to be analyzed, and the case diagnosed using the technologically advanced solutions provided by General Electric.
  • - The presence of a specialized communication center managed by the Saudi Ministry of Health to provide women with support and consultation.

Challenging Imagination:

General Electric’s Role doesn’t stop there, but extends to launching the International Imagination challenge with the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia, where researches, industry leaders, startups and innovators alike can send ideas to help doctors understand and treat breast cancer more effectively and efficiently. It’s worth noting that Saudi Arabia was chosen for the challenge only through the contributions of the Ministry of Health, the top universities supporting the program, and leading student participation effectively in an effort to encourage and entice young women to play a leading role in this field and develop creative solutions. Job opportunities will also be offered to winning participants, with the cooperation of the leaders of the Health Sector. General Electric will offer the necessary support to develop those ideas, in addition to obtaining the opportunity to receive proper occupational training in relevant fields to General Electric in KSA. http://challenge.healthymagination.com/health

The Role of the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Health:

The role of the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Health comprises of providing high-quality comprehensive Health Care services to all individuals, families and societies all over the Kingdom. The Ministry seeks to provide comprehensive, supportive and rehabilitative medical care, in line with the principles of Islam and the ethics of medical occupations, in addition to the Ministry carrying out its role to meet the needs of patients, their families and society as a whole via increasing societal awareness with regards to health issues. http://www.moh.gov.sa/Pages/Default.aspx